Governing Documents Request

Our Governing Documents are registered and on file with Pasco County and can be accessed through their website. 

Our Board of Directors also believe that they should be available to prospective owner's and others that might find

them interesting.  Due to the high expense of printing and mailing we have provided below a copy of the documents

so that you can download to your device and peruse at your leisure.  They are created in the friendly Adobe PDF

format and can be read by just about every computer type.  Metes and Bounds are the measured description of




CLICK HERE for a cleaned up and editable version of the CC&Rs, By-Laws and Rules. This version DOES NOT have

Exhibit "A" that contains the metes and bounds of the various Phases or the Class "A" restrictions placed on some Lots.  This copy

can be searched for specific words using the FIND function of Adobe.  You access the function by holding the CTRL key and

pressing the letter F a box will pop up where you insert the word or part of a word to search for.



CLICK HERE for a scanned version of the original CC&Rs and Exhibit "A" with metes and bounds. Exhibit "A" is referred to in

in the CC&Rs and is the document that describes the building of Emerald Pointe and contains the additions made by the developer

as Emerald Pointe was being built over those 6-8 years.

Rather than re-recording the CC&Rs each time there was to be an addition the developer requested that Exhibit "A" contain those

changes and that the CC&Rs could just refer to Exhibit "A" as a separately recorded document with amendments.



Thank you for your interest in Emerald Pointe.  If you have any questions please use the Feed Back Form below. 


John Leahy, Webmaster


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